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A delicious Indian cuisine - Rajasthani food

India is a country which is known throughout the world for its reach tradition and culture. People throughout the world visit India to feel the lovely and special taste of tradition and culture.  It is said that the way to reach someone’s heart is to go through his stomach and Indian food is well known for her taste of food and hospitality. Indian food restaurants are very famous because of the wide variety of food and its taste. There is a wide variety of foods available in India, foods like Rajasthani food, Bengali food, South Indian Food, etc.

Indian food restaurants are very attractive and the taste of the foods are extra ordinary. Especially Rajasthani food is most popular among the Indians and the tourists visiting India. Every year millions of tourists throughout the world visit Rajasthan. Not only the historic and cultural enrichment of Rajasthan attracts them but the taste of the food of Rajasthan also attracts them very much.

The food of Rajasthan is liked because it can last for several days and the food can be eaten anytime without heating it. The ingredients added in the food increase the taste without the fear of health. The food is prepared by keeping a perfect combination of health favoring materials. The food that you will get in any Indian food restaurant will be almost similar to the food that you will really eat in any of the restaurants in Rajasthan. You will never feel any difference in the taste as the process to cook it and the ingredients used in it will give the similar taste and you will surely love the taste of Rajasthan anywhere in India. 

The most special dish of Rajasthan is the Dal Batti, bharta & Churma dish with a glass of buttermilk. This dish is world famous for its taste and is a different form of cooking. Dal or the pulses which are boiled and fried with special spicy tadka, Batti is the half baked wheat bowls which is broken into pieces and dipped in plenty of home-made butter. Bharta is made up of brinjals heated and fried with spicy paste, that will add some special flavor to the food.

The baked roti’s of bajra with vegetable saag and kadi is another most popular dish of Rajasthan. The rich Rajasthani culture with the feel of soil and the historical bravery story and the taste of the food adds a fantastic ingredient to your visit to Rajasthan. The kachori of Jodhpur, Mawa of Alwar, Lahsun ki chatney, rasgullas of Bikaner etc will make you feel the tastiest of the cuisine of the land.

All in all, you will love to enjoy these delicacies of Rajasthan. The tourists love to visit this place because of the rich culture that can be still seen existing here along with the historical monuments of great significance. The delicious taste of dishes of Rajasthan makes it a favorite spot for the foodies. Now with the presence of restaurants all over India that make and serve Rajasthani food, it is possible to enjoy those flavors without going to this land especially if you are at a distance. So, go and enjoy the tastiest of dishes soon!

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